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MAC Bulk SMS Software for Android Phones

Mac Bulk SMS Software for android phones helps you to communicate with large mobile audience by sending bulk text messages using Android mobile phones connected with Apple Mac OS X installed computer. This SMS text messaging program provides comprehensive mobile marketing solution to market your business products and grows business sales by broadcasting bulk text messages.

Get in touch with friends, relatives and customers by broadcasting bulk SMS Now you can easily connect with different people at any time or place by broadcasting group text messages from Mac computer by the help of Android technology based smart phones.

Sends multiple numbers of text messages simultaneously

Bulk SMS software for Android Mobile Phone successfully delivers bulk numbers of text messages from Mac OS X installed machine using Android mobile phones.

Allows user to load contacts from file:

SMS text messaging program empowers you to load contacts from files which are saved in txt file formats.

Software features:

Provide option to skip duplicate contact number entries

Mobile text messaging program facility to skip duplicate contact number entries while broadcasting bulk SMS by android mobiles.

Broadcast group messages without internet connection

SMS text messaging program quickly broadcasts bulk numbers of text messages without internet connection from Mac computers by Android cell phones. 

Saves your sent text message details:

Android SMS Messaging program saves your sent text messages details that can be seen whenever required.

Supports Unicode characters

Android SMS sending program supports all Unicode languages to send bulk SMS in any text format.

Provides list wizard option

Android SMS sender program has inbuilt advanced list wizard option to maintain the list of contacts or groups which may require during message sending procedure.