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Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems

Start SMS Marketing with Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems!!!

Now you can communicate with your customers anywhere, anytime by broadcasting group text messages from Apple Mac OS X installed computers using USB Modem. Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modem helps you to increase your business profitability and enhance customers’ interaction by sending multiple numbers of text messages. PC to Mobile SMS text messaging program sends group SMS instantly across the world without internet connection

Software benefits:-

  • Connect with your customers at any place or time to increase company sales.
  • Promote your products and increase your business revenue.
  • Communicate with different people by broadcasting group messages.
  • Streamline your business and enhance customer’s interaction.
  • Without internet connection, you can broadcast group text messages.
  • Schedule appointment and reminders to hit customer cell phones.
  • Provides fast delivery of your sent text messages across the world.

Software Features:

Sends group text messages instantly

Bulk SMS sender program quickly sends text messages, job alerts, business campaigns, share market updates, greetings, reminders and standards messages across the world.

Saves sent text messages details

Mac SMS sender program saves sent text messages details to text or html file formats for future references.

Delay delivery option

SMS text messaging program for Mac OS X provides advanced delay delivery option to control and customize load of bulk SMS broadcasting.

Send SMS that contain non- English (Unicode) characters

Bulk SMS sending program supports Unicode languages to send SMS over worldwide location in any text format.

Enables you to skip duplicate number entries

Text messaging program allows you to skip duplicate entries while sending bulk text messages from your Mac machine to numbers of cell phones.